Things are heating up on the Silkie Chicken Facebook site we belong to!

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I belong to a number of backyard chicken groups on Facebook and they are all very helpful for getting answers to questions about chicken behavior, building better chicken hutches, and much more.

But, recently, one of the groups — Silkie Chickens — has taken on an unexpected twist! And it’s heating up summer for a lot of women!

It seems to have started when Rachel Marie Davis posted the following pics of her husband and some of their Silkie chickens, prompting some to ask: “What chickens?”

man posing with Silkie chickens
Photo used with permission.

Someone in the group suggested a calendar be created with husbands holding Silkie chickens and many men of all ages and styles soon started volunteering to pose with their Silkies!

Soon after, women were asking not just hubbies, but sons, dads and others to get in on the fun!

Here are just some of my favorites from past few days since Rachel’s original post:


I didn’t even come close to capturing all of the great pics that are on the site and it seems like new ones are being added by the minute. I’m have to say that super impressed by the willingness of all these men to take part; they are EGG-cellent sports and adding a lot of joy onto social media!

As for my fiance, I’m still working on convincing him! For the past three days, he has claimed he is too busy or too tired to pose with the chickens, but I’ll keep you updated if that changes! 🙂

And, if you want to join in on the fun, or see more, you can request to join the Silkie Chickens group at:

Featured photo courtesy of Rachel Marie Davis



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