Thinking of a road trip with your pet? Here’s a list of top 10 cities for traveling with your furry friend(s)

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In honor of National Pet Day on April 11, BestPlaces and Motel 6 have partnered to present the best cities in the United States for visiting on a road trip with cuddly companions.

“When you’re on the road it’s important to enjoy the trip, and that means finding cities like these which not only have great resources but also plenty of activities and sights to see,” said Bert Sperling, BestPlaces president.

The best cities for traveling with your pet were selected by analyzing the availability of local dog parks, greenspaces, hiking and walking trails, pet stores, veterinarians, climate, and dog-friendly dining options.

Here are the top ten cities for traveling with your pet :

#1 – Santa Monica, CA:

It’s located right on the Pacific Ocean with hundreds of nearby hiking and walking trails to let you take full advantage of SoCal’s near-perfect climate. And you can share a meal with your fur-buddy by dining at the popular open-air patios.

#2 – Rockville, MD

Rockville is a great place to stop for a while on your road trip, maybe just an afternoon or even longer. It’s a good base for your exploration of the DC area and all its sights, with dog parks, greenspaces, nearby state and national parks, and local veterinarians.

#3 – Santa Fe, NM

Thehigh-desert setting has its own special beauty. Like our other top picks, it has plenty of pet-friendly amenities like pet stores, vets and a dog-friendly policy which allows them in outdoor dining venues.

#4 – Mount Pleasant, SC

Just north of Charleston is the city of Mount Pleasant. Visit or stay as you and your pet travel Highway 17 along the Atlantic coast. And its mild winter climate is a warm and welcoming change to the chilly Northeast winter.

#5 – Newport, RI

Newport has been a popular tourist destination for hundreds of years. You and your pet can enjoy the brisk sea air and pleasant summer climate. You’ll find plenty of dog parks, greenspaces and parks to stretch your legs.

#6 – Gloucester, MA

The fishing town of Gloucester, MA is about an hour north of Boston, and steeped in New England history. There are a number of nearby hiking and walking resources, and plenty of pet amenities available when you need them.

#7 – Richmond, KY

If you’re taking a road trip through the South, you’ll want to consider stopping in Richmond, KY. Near St. Louis and just south of Lexington, it’s rich in history.

#8 – Bend, OR

Bend is fast becoming an outdoor recreation hotspot, with a strong dog-friendly culture. There are plenty of opportunities for your dog be part of your adventures in mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, skiing and climbing. And Bend is in the drier high desert region of Oregon.

#9 – Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC loves its dogs. IBegin your journey on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which rambles nearly 500 miles northward from Asheville. There are literally hundreds of spots to take a walk or hike through the woods along the Parkway. Or you can just hang out in town and enjoy Asheville’s hip and laid-back, yet cosmopolitan vibe.

#10 – Charlottesville, VA
Charlottesville is located just 30 minutes from the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway, which stretches to the south along the backbone of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There’s plenty to do in and around Charlottesville too, which is home to the University of Virginia and Thomas Jefferson’s famed estate, Monticello.

Here’s the rest of the list of the best places in every state to travel with your pet:

-Wasilla, AK
-Daphne, AL
-Bentonville, AR
-Tempe, AZ
-Fort Collins, CO
-Stamford, CT
-Newark, DE
-Tallahassee, FL
-Marietta, GA
-Kailua, HI
-Council Bluffs, IA
-Twin Falls, ID
-Naperville, IL
-Fishers, IN
-Leavenworth, KS
-Lafayette, LA
-Scarborough, ME
-Ann Arbor, MI
-Edina, MN
-Branson, MO
-Biloxi, MS
-Helena, MT
-Mandan, ND
-North Platte, NE
-Derry, NH
-Princeton, NJ
-Boulder City, NV
-Cooperstown, NY
-Lima, OH
-Edmond, OK
-State College, PA
-Rapid City, SD
-Chattanooga, T
-Frisco, TX
-Ogden, UT
-South Burlington, VT
-Seattle , WA
-Madison, WI
-Morgantown, WV
-Cheyenne, WY

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