Thinking of adopting a pet? Check out this helpful list of links for every step of the process

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by guest author Aurora James

Animal shelters across the country are finding themselves suddenly empty. This is partly due to an influx of adopters looking to fill a void in their lives as they continue to navigate social distancing and more time at home.

But before you make a life-changing decision to bring home a pet, it’s best to arm yourself with information so that you aren’t caught off guard about what it takes to raise an animal once we are released from quarantine.

A Big Decision

Adopting an animal is a huge decision, and one that has implications that will last well after our current crisis ends. There is a lot to keep in mind before you give a new cat or dog home, including costs, pros and cons, and house cleaning considerations. This following links can help with answering related questions.

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Needs Lists

Dogs and cats need more than just food and toys. The following links can help you piece together a list of supplies you’ll need to care for them in the long run. Also included is insight on how often you’ll need to visit the vet and how to choose the right person to help you care for your animal once you’ve gone back to work.

Checklist of Dog Supplies for Your New Fur Kid

What Should I Feed My Dog?

Appropriate Cat Toys

How Often Should I Take My Dog to the Vet?

How Often Does My Cat REALLY Need to See the Vet?

How to Choose a Pet Sitter

A Fur-ever Decision

Animals might be the new covid craze, but they are no passing fad. Do not adopt unless you intend to honor a lifelong commitment. Even though they might fill a void now, if you can’t take care of them later, it would be irresponsible and cruel to bring them into your home now. That said, dogs and cats alike can enhance your life and make your house a better place to call home.


Featured photo: Jamie Street on Unsplash

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