Tips for keeping pet fur out of AC System

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There’s no one “shedding season” for all pets. It depends on type of animal, breed, length of fur, and other factors, such as whether a pet goes outdoors.

In general, though, cats and dogs tend to shed most in the spring and in the fall.

Excessive pet hair can affect a home’s indoor air quality as well as the functioning of the HVAC system. To help ward off repairs that may be the result of too much pet hair, Miller’s Heating and Air Conditioning is offering tips that help control excessive shedding.

1. Change filters twice as often.
Homeowners know the importance of regular filter changes, but doubling up on filter changes during shedding season is a must. Too much hair can clog filters and make cooling systems work harder than necessary. Cleaning filters twice as often is a huge help.

2. Groom pets.
Brushing and combing pets on a daily basis removes loose hair, undercoat and dander.

3. Upgrade or install an IAQ system.
Ensure the cleanest and healthiest air with the installation of an indoor air quality system. Reduce bacteria, viruses, allergens, pet dander, hair and more with one of these quality systems.

4. Clean, clean, clean.
One of the best ways to rid a home of excessive pet hair is to be a conscientious cleaner. Vacuum and dust on a daily basis to gain better air and a cleaner home.

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