Tips for navigating airport security with a pet

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There are 53 days until summer – not that we’re counting. And as we draw closer to a popular time of the year for traveling for vacation, the TSA has some tips for those flying with their pets:

We compiled some of these tips into a quick and easy-to-read infographic.

travel pet infographic
TSA security travel tips

Trouble viewing the infographic? Here’s a text list of the infographic information:

  • Acclimate the pet to the process of traveling by familiarizing it with the travel carrier in the days leading up to the trip.
  • If you encounter a working canine, please consider shifting to an alternate checkpoint so that there is no interference with a government working dog’s tasks.
  • Travelers who have pets that may be skittish when removed from a pet carrier, and may attempt to struggle or jump away should request that a TSA officer screen the pet in a private screening room.
  • When traveling with service animals and pets, it is a good idea to contact your airline directly for policy details as they vary by airline and time of year.
  • Travelers should become familiar with the pet relief areas at their departing airport and arrival airport.

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