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Top Dog Country Club launches ‘Family Fun With Art, Music, Kids & Dogs’

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Top Dog Sound Art, a division of Top Dog Country Club, is working with Sound Art USA to provide a paint kit and blank canvases containing state-of-the art Bluetooth speakers to dog-loving families nationwide.

“Keeping kids and families busy with productive activities during this COVID-19 crisis can be challenging,” said Jean Stelten-Beuning, creator, owner, and operator of Top Dog Country Club. “At Top Dog, we understand that family time is precious, so we created a fun and rewarding activity the entire family can participate in.”

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PRNewsfoto/Top Dog Country Club, LLC

Top Dog Sound Art canvases are powered by a high-quality Bluetooth speaker hidden behind the image/painting of your choice, adding visual art to the dimension of sound.

As a Sound Art Authorized Preferred Reseller, Top Dog Country Club is providing these Bluetooth canvases. Top Dog has exclusive access to a limited number of 16×20 blank canvases with a Bluetooth imbedded speaker, normally selling for $149 (plus shipping) now offered for $119 (including shipping) plus a set of paints and brushes.

“The best thing about this offer is that, unlike our custom printed images, this canvas is blank, just waiting to be painted on,” stated  Steve Ventre, owner of Sound Art USA. “So now the picture you paint can be displayed on your wall, playing your favorite songs.”

Ventre added that, “Top Dog has created a great way for families to spend time together creating their own personal Sound Art, providing them with years of enjoyment and memories.”

Top Dog Country Club will donate 10% of the profits to Top Dog Foundation, and Sound Art USA will donate one blank canvas painting kit to a Minnesota Children’s Hospital for each of the first 100 canvas kits sold so that kids separated from family while receiving care can create and enjoy sound art all their own.

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Source: Top Dog Country Club, LLC

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