TV series about Jack Russell terrier, Wishbone, being rebooted as a new movie

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Mattel, Inc. and Universal Pictures recently announced plans to develop a live-action motion picture – “Wishbone” – based on the hit television series from the nineties about the iconic well-read Jack Russell terrier who would imagine himself as the hero of stories from classic literature.

“Wishbone” is the first theatrical film collaboration between Mattel Films and Universal Pictures.

Mattel Films will produce “Wishbone” alongside Academy Award-winner Peter Farrelly (“Green Book”).

Mattel Films will be rebooting the TV series into a modern comedy for the whole family.

“Wishbone” joins other Mattel Films projects in development including ones based on American Girl®, Barbie®, Barney®, Hot Wheels®, Magic 8 Ball®, Major Matt Mason®, Masters of the Universe® and View Master®.


Featured image: Cover of Wishbone Salty Dog DVD.