Using data to help prevent pet homelessness

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In order to help determine contributing factors to pet homelessness across the globe and, hopefully, find better ways of addressing this issue, Mars teamed up with animal welfare experts and created a State of Pet Homelessness Index.

Using data from over 200 global and local sources as well as quantitative research based on attitudinal data, the Index currently covers data across 9 countries: The US, UK, India, Mexico, Germany, Russia, South Africa, China and Greece.

Each country receives an index score between 0 and 10 (10 = no pet homelessness exists) based on data collected across three focus areas.

The data also reveals common challenges across the nine countries including housing limitations and negative perceptions:

  • Pet–friendly housing limitations: 55% of respondents say it is difficult to find dog-friendly rental homes; 44% agree it is difficult to find a rental when you own a cat
  • Negative perceptions of stray or shelter animals: 50% of prospective owners say they worry about the pet’s history if adopted from a shelter, and 47% worry the pets are emotionally damaged. One in four think that stray animals are more likely to be aggressive.

You can find out more by visiting and by checking out the short video below: 




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