Virtually pet a goat or get chased by a donkey thanks to animal sanctuary ranch cams

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Understanding that folks around the nation are trying to stay safe inside while simultaneously looking for distractions, FarmHouse Fresh® has found a way to offer a bit of light with an inside look at some of their most beloved animals.

Guests can view numerous videos through the brand’s Donkey and Goat Cams.

Each bit of footage, such as Virtually Pet a Goat” and “Get Chased By a Donkey,” showcases different animals from the ranch, including Roo, a one-year old pygmy goat who arrived through rescue.

Also featured is Granny, a 25-year-old donkey who was saved from slaughter and arrived through the Humane Society of North Texas.

“At FarmHouse Fresh® we take as much pride in the animals we rescue and rehabilitate as we do in the skincare products we create,” said Founder and President Shannon McLinden. “We knew there was no better time to share the love and joy these animals have to give, even if it was virtually, and our hope is to make people smile in the same way we do every single day.”

For more information on FarmHouse Fresh®‘s new Donkey and Goat cams, check out their video page here.

The FarmHouse Fresh Ranch Headquarters is home to tghe farm animal sanctuary.

States their website, “As a spa and wellness brand, we believe being “green” goes beyond preserving the environment and includes ensuring the wellbeing of the animals that inhabit it. So we use profits from product purchases, to fund, rescue, and rehabilitate abused animals that our employees help care for at our sanctuary.”

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Source: FarmHouse Fresh®


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