We put another dog toy to the Meadow test — see how it stacks up

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In the second installment of “Meadow chews stuff up,” (you can check out the first one by clicking here) we are testing out the Nerf Dog Durable, Rugged, Interactive Squeak toy.

durable rubber interactive squeak toy
You can see Meadow was excited to get this new toy. If you look at the lower “wing,” you can see some bite marks from where she grabbed it off the table.

So, was this durable rubber toy strong enough to stand up to Meadow?

dog with Nerf chew toyWell, she started off with some basic chewing.

But she quickly got down to work.

Meadow chewing Nerf durable rubber dog toyAnd, soon after, this is what was left:

dog toy chewed upSo that didn’t last long. But, hey, at least she still has the ball to play with.

dog toy

Do you know of a toy that can pass the Meadow challenge? If you can find a good toy that can hold up to more than one session with Meadow, let us know!


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