We put new toys to the Meadow chew test

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From time to time, we bring you segments of the Meadow Chew Test.

Like many young pups with lots of energy, Meadow is a champion chewer who can go through supposedly long lasting bones/toys, so we thought she would be a good product tester.

Whenever she tries out a new chew toy, we’ll let you know how well it stood the Meadow test.

Today, we tried out these cute, furry toys from Chewy.com. There are two pictured below, but they come in a pack of three (fox, raccoon and squirrel). You can find out more information about them here: https://www.chewy.com/zippypaws-skinny-peltz-no-stuffing/dp/131776


raccoon and fox dog toys

Meadow got to work inspecting them immediately.

dog chewing toys

So far, these new toys have passed the Meadow chew test, which is pretty impressive! Maybe she isn’t feeling very destructive today or perhaps she thinks they’re too nice to chew up? Only Meadow knows for sure.

We love this pic, by the way. Meadow lined these toys up herself and seems to be quite proud of it:

Meadow with three of her new toys lined up

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