What noise do Coturnix quail make?

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We have Coturnix (Japanese) quail and they are great little pets.

They have been outside now with the small Silkie chickens for a few weeks (they do okay with small chickens but would very likely not be safe with bigger chickens, who would probably attack them) after living mostly on the sun porch of our house. As you can kind of tell from the video, we have three different kinds of wiring going around the bottom of the pen they are in, both so they can’t sneak out through the holes, and so that snakes can’t get in and get them.

They seem pretty happy outside but will probably come back in for the winter.

Anyway, the quail are really cute and fun to watch. They are also easy to care for.

But, as anyone who has them will tell you, both male and female are noisy little buggers. And they will make noise all day and night. We are pretty used to the sound, but we can’t imagine them as pets in an apartment or someplace where neighbors are very close by.

So, for those wondering how loud they are, we made the above video. This is just one minute from an average day in the life of our very small flock and you can hear them make their distinctive, loud chirp/trill noise at least several times. (The other chirping you hear isn’t from the quail; it’s from wild birds in the background.)

If you don’t mind the noise, and do decide to get some Coturnix quail, we have some tips for care in this article: https://wowmypetdidthat.com/how-to-make-button-quail-happy/

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