What to feed your pet mouse or rat

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A reader of our site, C. Walters of Long Island, New York, recommended we write about Volkman Mouse and Rat food and the supplier they purchase it from, Little Family Members on Amazon.

Tired of standing in line at one of the big chain pet stores to buy food for her son’s pet mouse, Mrs. Walters went online to see if she could find an alternative, and that’s when she came across Little Family Members.

“The food came in the mail the next day,” Walters told us.

She also said that the food is high quality.

“It’s not full of filler stuff, like other mouse food,” she related. “It has a very good mix of seeds.”

From the pictures Mrs. Walters shared of with us, we think the mouse definitely agrees. (The grape is not part of the packaged food.)

mouse sniffing food

mouse looking at mouse food

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