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“The Adventures of a Dog Named Sam”

A Dog Named Sam cover

Description: “A lilting and suspenseful tale of friendship, courage, and the bond shared between a man and his dog. Paragraphs are visually illustrated with a self-contained stylistic story of loyalty, intelligence, and courage of a pet dog.”

By Ralph Oyague, a New York native, currently living in Suffolk County, Long Island.

For: The verses are made for easy understanding, for toddlers and preschool children alike. Elementary school children will also be hooked by the rhyme.

Published by: Page Publishing

Where can you get it?

Readers who wish to experience this work can purchase “The Adventures of a Dog Named Sam” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/author_ralph_oyagues_new_book_the_adventures_of_a_dog_named_sam_is_a_dramatic_rhyming_tale_featuring_a_man_and_his_heroic_pup_for_young_readers/prweb16810689.htm

“Caleb and Shallow”

Caleb and Shallow book cover


“Passionately written and filled with memorable characters, Susan Troutt’s ‘Caleb and Shallow’ continues her legacy of providing books that are filled with both humor and heart. For her 9th publication, Troutt felt inspired to write this story after her 8-year old grandson came up with names for the characters. From there, the story of 12-year old Caleb and a golden retriever named Shallow came to life. After experiencing a tragic loss and a broken leg, Caleb is going through big changes when Shallow, a stray dog, suddenly appears in his life. Caleb and his grandmother learn how to tackle challenges they face, including Shallow’s new role as house pet. The chapter book’s story is told in the voices of both Caleb and Shallow, and readers can expect a heartwarming tale that will resonate with anyone who has been through hard times.” By Susan Troutt

For: Written with elementary and middle school readers in mind, Troutt hopes readers will feel inspired by the relationship between boy and dog and their ability to help each other grow.

Where can you get it?

Available at the AuthorHouse Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/new_childrens_chapter_book_details_timeless_bond_between_a_young_boy_and_his_dog/prweb16811655.htm

Standing with Dog cover“Standing with the Dog: K9 Psychology in a Nutshell.”


“Mel Helmick Lamb, an author, patient advocate, animal behavior specialist, an internationally recognized K9 instructor specializing in service and working dogs of multiple disciplines, has completed her new book ‘Standing with the Dog: K9 Psychology in a Nutshell’: a compelling argument for science-based training methodology for maximum success in canine behavioral outcomes.
The history of dog and man dates back thousands of years, yet key knowledge of the dog’s innate qualities, characteristics, unique behaviors and skills still elude many who interact with dogs personally, and even professionally. As a result, the dog, ‘Man’s Best Friend’, has suffered

“In this book, readers will learn keys to quality animal education, including:

  • prerequisites for the handler, canine and training team.
  • history of the domestication, unique drives, and pack structure of the canine.
  • characteristics of the shelter dog and how to care for the abused and neglected dog.
  • problems with current canine breeding practices, and popular spaying and neutering practices, and much more…

“Those who love the dog, who are willing to commit their time to making the world of the dog a better place will find a wealth of useful information in these pages. ;’Standing with the Dog: K9 Psychology in a Nutshell’, will deepen their knowledge and understanding of ‘man’s best friend’ and inspire them to always stand with the dog.

For: Mel Helmick Lamb, shares crucial practical information and insights that will greatly benefit those in the Shelter/Rescue/Animal Cruelty and Neglect industry, and anyone else who loved and interacts with dogs.

Where can you get it?

Published by Page Publishing, Mel Helmick Lamb’s engrossing book is a must-read for anyone who lives and works with dogs.
Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Standing with the Dog: K9 Psychology in a Nutshell” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/author_mel_helmick_lambs_new_book_standing_with_the_dog_k9_psychology_in_a_nutshell_is_a_fascinating_science_based_discussion_of_canine_behavior/prweb16806266.htm

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