When does a peacock show its tail feathers for the first time?

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This video shows Trent, one of our young peacocks, showing his tail feathers for one of the first times. He just started yesterday. He’s about six months old at this point. As you can see, he doesn’t have a whole lot going on in far as a feathery train, but he’s really just a baby. Like, most peacocks, he won’t really start to grow out a fancy train with the famous “eye” feathers until age 2.

When full grown, he will be about 7 feet long and, if Sweet Pea (our other peafowl) is, indeed, a girl, or peahen, she will about 3 feet long. For more information about peacocks, including diet, intelligence, and communication, check out nwrf.net.

To see what a baby peacock looks like, check out Trent and Sweet Pea in the video below. Sweet Pea is the white one and you can see her too. We’re still not sure whether she is a he or she (but we’re hoping a “she”).  As you can see, they are so small, it was hard to distinguish them from the baby chicks we had just gotten from Tractor Supply.

As a side note, we weren’t sure about putting them in with the chicks at first, but they seemed so alone and scared by themselves, having just come from living with their four siblings, so we tried it out, and they perked up right away. And, as you can see from the above video, they still live with chickens.

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