Working from home with pets keeps their people on their toes, study shows

Christy Hoffman, Ph. D. and a dog
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As the work landscape has changed dramatically over the past year with many now working remotely due to the health threat created by Covid-19, research by anthrozoologist Christy Hoffman, Ph. D, shows companion animals play a role in this new teleworking experience.

According to a press release, Hoffman, associate professor of Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation (ABEC) at Canisius College, examined the experience of teleworking with dogs and cats during Covid-19.

The study looked at data collected from participants who were pet owners, non-pet owners, and those who had experience working both from home and the office.

I Don't always bark, but when I do my human is on an important online meeting memeNot surprisingly, the study showed teleworkers spent more quality time with their companion animals and human family members when they worked from home. But, results also revealed that, when working from home, individuals with dogs were more likely than those without dogs to report they socialized with other people, got a healthy amount of physical activity, and took at least one 15-minute walk during the workday.

Some participants, particularly those in households containing both dogs and cats, indicated that their pets created distractions during the workday.

Hoffman’s research, “The Experience of Teleworking with Dogs and Cats in the United States during Covid-19,”  was published in the January 2021 edition of Animals, an international peer-reviewed open access journal devoted entirely to animals, including companion animals, zoology and veterinary sciences.


Featured photo: Christy Hoffman, Ph. D. and friend.


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    1. I think it’s neat that pets are still helping people socialize. It’s true. That’s when I see my neighbors — when i’m out with my chickens or dogs, or they’re out with theirs.

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