World’s first global pet theme park in the works

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Global Pets World Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of WisdomCome Group, in collaboration with Ammbr Group, will be launching the world’s first global pets theme park welcoming pets of all descriptions, along with their owners and other pet lovers.

According to a press release, the Global Pets World will provide a safe, welcoming and entertaining experience for both pet owners and pets.

According to another press release:

“The first pet theme park, located in Hong Kong, will offer resort grade facilities including hotel residence with pool, spa and restaurants, as well as a pet hotel with a dedicated pet spa and swimming pools for pets, a veterinary clinic, a pet food and supplements dealership, and other amenities. There will also be a pet memorial park incorporating associated services relating to the afterlife and the hereafter.

“The Hong Kong pet theme park will be the first of 10 similar projects on the promoters’ road map to be rolled out in the next few years. For future projects the developer has earmarked Florida (USA), Greater Bay Area (China), Singapore/Malaysia, Tokyo (Japan), London (UK), Paris (France), Beijing (PRC), Hangzhou (PRC), and Mumbai (India).”

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