Wow! Check out our free paper doll dog for kids!

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Since our site is often about pet care, we thought that creating a paper doll set for kids could be a great way to help kids learn about caring for dogs or other pets.

So, we created this free printable paper doll dog with all sorts of accessories, including sweater, dog bowl, leash, brush, bed, pillow and more.

Just print out. Your kids can cut out the shapes themselves or you can help them. They can also give the pup a name and create all kinds of adventures for it.

paper doll dog

Click here for pdf: Paper doll dog with carrying bag and leash, etc

paper doll dog bowl and bed

Click here for the pdf for the above: Paperdoll dog food dog bed bowls and more

We also have this girl to go along with the cat or dog to provide animal care–more accessories to come soon!:

free paper doll with clothes and shoes

Click here to download the pdf for the paper doll girl and clothes: paperdollgirl

And, here’s the link to our paper doll cat with cat toys and other cat necessities.


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