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Nest cams offer a rare, closeup look at pair of bald eagles in their natural habitat

HANOVER, Pennsylabnia (PRLog) — It is a new year and another chance for bald eagle enthusiasts to watch and follow Hanover, Pennsylvania’s nesting bald eagle pair via three cameras streaming live 24/7 video and audio (including infrared night vision) of this wild bald eagle nest located in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

The live video feeds of the Hanover bald eagle pair, commonly referred to as “Liberty” and “Freedom,” are available to watch at:

HDOnTap, a Del Mar, California based company, is streaming the Hanover cams for the fifth consecutive season. The company is collaborating with Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, a global leader in raptor conservation science and education, and Comcast Business, which is providing the Internet connectivity for the live broadcast.

Last season, dedicated viewers watched patiently as Liberty and Freedom took turns incubating their clutch of two eggs in hopes to see new eaglets brought into this world. In mid-March an “extra” adult bald eagle interfered with the nesting pair which ultimately led to the nest failure.

“We are excited for the 2019 Hanover Bald Eagle Nesting Season,” says Tiffany Sears, HDOnTap Co-Founder. ” This is one of our most popular live cameras. Since 2015, viewers have enjoyed over 35 million hours of 24-7, live HD video and audio from the nest, as well as daily time-lapse clips on screens worldwide.”

Check out the video below for an example of some of the pair’s interactions:

“Comcast Business is proud to again partner with HDOnTap to provide fast, reliable and secure Internet service that will enable nature enthusiasts to view the live bald eagle cameras,” said Toni Murphy, Vice President of Comcast Business for the company’s Keystone Region.

HDOnTap is also partnering with Hawk Mountain Sanctuary on the new Hanover Bald Eagle Blog to help share with educational information, photos and video highlights pertaining to Bald Eagles and specifically the events at the Hanover nest, related Tiffany Sears.

The blog can be found at:

WMPDT Editor’s Note: In honor of Liberty and Freedom, here’s a little bald eagle history, via The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America.[171] The founders of the United States were fond of comparing their new republic with the Roman Republic, in which eagle imagery (usually involving the golden eagle) was prominent. On June 20, 1782, the Continental Congress adopted the design for the Great Seal of the United States depicting a bald eagle grasping 13 arrows and an olive branch with its talons.

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