Wow! These South African Wild Dogs are probably unlike any dog you have seen before

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Springbok Casino is sharing stories and videos about Africa’s Wild Dogs.

Related to wolves, coyotes, hyenas and jackals, Wild Dogs are tall, lean hunters with oversized ears and four, rather than five toes. And while they are called wild for a reason — you’re not going to find one of these fascinating creatures suited to eating out of a bowl in someone’s kitchen or walking on a leash — they are definitely interesting to learn more about. They are also, sadly, endangered.

Here’s some other information about these dogs, as provided by Springbok Casino:

•The orange, yellow and black Cape Wild Dog is the largest of the African Wild Dog subspecies.
•Artistic depictions of the smaller East African Wild Dog, which has a darker coat, have been found on ancient Egyptian objects.
•Due to habitat fragmentation, infectious diseases and conflict with human activities, there are fewer than 550 Wild Dogs left in South Africa.

“Wild Dogs are amazingly skilled hunters,” said Daniel Van Wyck, South African wildlife afficionado and manager of Springbok Casino. “They can run as fast as 70 kilometers per hour for up to ten minutes, so their prey find them nearly impossible to escape!”

Below is a short video provided by Springbok Casino:

You can see more pictures, get more information and watch videoes about these incredible animals at:



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