Wow, this alarm wakes you up with cat fights or dogs vomiting

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That might be the weirdest headline we have written for a post, but this is also one of the most unusual posts we have included on our site to date — and we have written about quail poop!

Anyway, according to a press release on PRNewswire, a new app, called Odd Alarm, will wake you up to the sounds of a pet vomiting, pet licking, cats fighting, breaking glass and more.

The app is created by Clinton and Daley Lightfoot, who, like most of us, know all about the morning routine of hitting the snooze button as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning. They also understand jolting out of bed in the morning because your dog is vomiting. As a result, they came up with the Odd Alarm app, a creative alarm app that uses sounds designed to create a sense of urgency to get up and get moving.

Odd Alarm is developed by The Appineers, a leading mobile app design and development agency established in 2017, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit for further information or to download the app: iOS and Google Play Store.

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