Wow! This highly-trained dog could star in a Harry Potter remake!

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Amos performing
screenshot of Amos performing “Hairy Pawter”

The American Kennel Club recently announced the winners of the 2020 AKC 2nd Annual Trick Dog Competition.

This virtual event was open to Elite Performers, AKC’s highest level of trick dogs. More than 100 competitors from 29 states and Canada submitted videos of performances. These were judged by three AKC approved CGC Evaluators.

The winners were Debbi Snyder and her Border Collie, “Amos” from Lakeland, Florida. Their routine, “Hairy Pawter and The Sorcerer’s Bone,” was featured Amos as “Hairy Pawter” during roughly five minutes of the narrated retelling of Harry Potter while Amos does a series of tricks, including “playing quidditch.”

You can view the full performance, which we should warn you before watching is beyond adorable, below.

“This performance was fun to watch,” said Mary Burch, AKC Family Dog Director in a press release from the AKC. “Amos performed his routine with joy, and he required minimal cues from his handler.”

Burch added that, a dog who works consistently and eagerly is ultimately what dog training is all about.

“We are so proud of the AKC Elite Performer Trick Dogs and their creative, devoted handlers,” she said.

The two semi-finalists in the competition were Sandi Taylor and her Borzoi, Evie, from Tulsa Oklahoma, and Tracy Dulock and her Golden Retriever, Gryffindor from Robinson, Texas. Gryffindor was the 2019 competition winner.

Both performances, which, again, are unbelievably adorable, can be seen below:



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