Wow! This litter box is really, really smart!

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Taiwanese startup LuluPet has developed an intelligent litter box with AI image restoration technology to detects cat litter condition and look for abnormalities in the cat’s body in places where cat owners cannot.

Cats are born concealers of their own weaknesses, making it difficult for owners to find out whether their feline is in pain.
According to a press release from LuluPet, one example is kidney failure. Statistically, a cat’s kidneys are 70% damaged by the time the owner suspects an illness and brings the cat to the veterinarian.

Sick cats aren’t completely undetectable. According to the Bristol stool scale, cat feces may be divided into 7 categories, ranging from constipation to diarrhea. Constipation may be caused by the pressing of a tumor, while symptoms of diarrhea may be the result of common systemic diseases such as kidney failure. Stool analysis thus becomes the most straightforward way of detecting these diseases.

LuluPet has pjt 2 years into developing this “intelligent litter box,” which works mainly by detecting with lenses whether the cat is urinating or littering. It not only detects littering frequency and litter weight but also the condition of the litter (normal, constipation, diarrhea, etc.). After judging litter conditions through the use of AI image restoration, it uses this data to notify the owner of the cat’s health.

Here’s a short related video that explains a bit about why the litterbox was created:


The litter box comes with 2 AI systems: one for litter analysis, and another that analyzes clumping between litter and litter box material. The latter attempts to reconstruct litter shape and present it to the former for confirmation, and can currently identify litter with an accuracy of up to 90%.

LuluPet and other notable homegrown startups led by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) were recently showcased at CES 2020.

We couldn’t find any information about where or if you can purchase this litterbox, but we’ll keep you posted.

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