Wow! This PR agency helped a cat rescue stay open during the COVID crisis

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The Good Camp, a marketing and public relations agency recently announced the success of its intensive two-week campaign to save its nonprofit client, CatCafe Lounge, from closure.

According to a press release, negative effects of COVID meant the Los Angeles-based CatCafe might have to close its doors, but The Good Camp helped the cafe  stay open by reaching its fundraising goal.

The CatCafe Lounge is not only a cat rescue, but a stress-free environment, in which potential adopters and cats can truly get to know each other during the adoption process, according to a video from the non profit.

The Good Camp’s founder learned of the organization’s plight from her former coworker, Kristi Labrenz, who is also the founder of CatCafe lounge.

“I’m an animal lover first and foremost,” said Sara Miranda, founder of The Good Camp in the press release. “My dog Molly is a rescue animal and I’ve volunteered at organizations like Kristi’s. It broke my heart to think she might have to close her doors and put the future lives of thousands of cats at risk, so our small six-person team put our heads together to come up with a budget-friendly yet impactful solution and got right to work.”

The CatCafe Lounge has helped save over 450 cats, and hopes to continue for years to come.

Part of the funds raised went toward the creation of an outdoor space dubbed the “Catio” to assist with its sustainability throughout COVID’s ongoing challenges.

Cat and human on CatCafe Lounge Catio
Catio of CatCafe Lounge. Photo used with permission of The Good Camp.

“I can’t express how grateful we are to the entire TGC team,” said Labrenz. “The funds have created a runway for us to remain operational while we recoup lost visitors through our new outdoor catio. TGC saved CCL and now we can save more cats!”

Founded in early 2020, The Good Camp creates specialized marketing campaigns for conscious brands that better the planet and the humans and animals that inhabit it, in industries such as natural products, clean beauty, ethical fashion and nonprofits. Its services include marketing strategy, branding, content marketing, design, copywriting, influencer marketing, public relations, social media marketing, SEO-optimized blogging, email marketing, video production and photography. To learn more, visit

For more about CatCafe Lounge, check out their video:


Business donates time and skills to help keep cats safe

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