Wow! We love this ‘Not-So-Purrfect Pet Portrait fundraiser’!

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I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a post from the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA in Virginia and their idea for a fun and unique fundraiser caught my eye, and I had to share it because I knew other animal lovers would want to know about it too.

The limited time fundraiser is called Not-So-Purrfect Pet Portraits. For a minimum donation of $15, a team of SPCA volunteers will recreate a picture of your pet.

But here’s the twist: According to the post, “You may receive a masterpiece, something comparable to a stick figure, or anything in between.” Below, you can see some of the portraits that have already been created. The dog on the sidewalk makes me laugh and, due to the placement of the leaf for modesty, was likely have drawn by someone with a great sense of humor. The orange kitty recreation is really good, and the others are sweet as well.


This roll of the dice to see how Fluffy or Fido is recreated seems super fun. And, of course, since we love our pets, any artistic interpretation will likely be a nice keepsake to have. Plus, as the post notes, “these one-of-a-kind portraits make great presents, stocking stuffers, or present toppers.”

If you’re interested in having your pet’s portrait done by a member of the SPCA team of “unprofessional artists,” here are the steps:
•Donate a minimum of $15 by clicking visiting:
•Complete the Google form you’ll be redirected to.
•We will send your pet’s photo to one of our unprofessional artists.
•Once completed, the finished product will be emailed to you.

2 thoughts on “Wow! We love this ‘Not-So-Purrfect Pet Portrait fundraiser’!”

    1. It really is. Who doesn’t love a portrait of their pet? And the idea of “you don’t know what you’re going to get” is such a fun element. I hope that raise a ton of money for their kitties and dogs.

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