Wowmypetdidthat investigates the case of the cat who became an internet cause

cat after eye surgery fake photo
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So, we received an email alert with the disturbing heading “People Are Forcing Their Pets to Undergo Dangerous Plastic Surgery for No Reason” asking us to sign a petition to help prevent people from, well, from performing plastic surgery on their cats for no reason.

According to the petition, a woman in China paid the equivalent of 1,500 U.S. dollars to have cosmetic surgery performed to beautify her cat’s eyelids.

The petition currently has over 64,000 of the 65,000 signatures it is asking for, and, although we have signed our share of petitions for good causes, we decided to dig a bit before we signed this one.

What we found is that this story is all over the internet. And it is accompanied with disturbing photos of a miserable cat that appears to have been operated on, such as this shot:

cat after eye surgery fake photo

We also found out that this story is untrue.

Although the feline does kind of look like one of those post-surgery videos you see of people on Extreme Makeover or Botched, according to the, a Chinese veterinarian has described the news story as “clearly nonsense.”

Veterinary surgeon Liu Xiaoou, who works at the AMC Veterinary Hospital in Nanjing, said the photos appear to show a cat post-surgery to treat an inverted eyelid.

Poor kitty looks absolutely miserable in the photo above, but we’re glad his surgery will help him feel and see better.

And here’s hoping that cosmetic surgery for pets just for the sake of changing an animal’s appearance will never, ever become an actual “thing.”



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