Yet more stuff you can do with your pet photos

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Our cat, Motor, approves of this post.

In an earlier post, we talked about how it’s a good idea to get all your pet photos together in one place, such as Flickr.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll probably notice that you have some favorite photos of your pet. You might also have some of your pet misbehaving or acting silly or funny or otherwise making you say, “Wow, I can’t believe my pet did THAT!” If that’s the case, feel free to submit a copy of your photo to us. We’d love to add it to our Wow My Pet Did That! gallery. Just visit our About page for info about where to submit.

Awkard Family Photos:

And, there are other places you can share you pet’s photo with the world. If you’ve caught a moment involving your pet and family that is somewhat less than spectacular consider submitting it to the hilarious site From oddly placed pets in family portraits to dogs looking less than lovingly toward their owner, this site shows moments that probably shouldn’t have been captured, but will make you laugh because they were. Just don’t tell Fido or Fluffy you submitted his or her photo there!

Local news:

If you have a more flattering photo, check out your local TV news station and newspaper websites. Many have opportunities to submit photos that they sometimes use on the air or at least feature in a compilation on their website. in Seattle, for example, has “Pick My Pet: Submit your pet photo”. Pets are shown on the site’s pet photo gallery and some are also shown during the morning weather forecast.


If you have an especially stellar pic of your photo, you might want to enter a pet photo contest. The best are usually ones that capture your pet’s unique personality and/or look while also being overall good quality photography-wise (for example, not blurry and doesn’t show stained carpet or something else embarrassing in the background).

There are plenty of legitimate pet photo contests out there, with both big and small prizes.

However, be wary of scams when searching for contests to enter. For example, you shouldn’t have to pay to promote your pet in the contest.

The exception is when legitimate pet charities hold pet photo contests that actually raise money when people can increase votes for a pet pic if you and/or friends contribute money and vote for the pet’s pic.

If you are asked for money when entering a contest, be wary unless your know it’s a legitimate nonprofit. lets you type in a nonprofit and find out more about it.

Another scam to watch out for involving photo contests is when the contest holder emails you saying they would love to include your pet’s photo in a book they are putting together — if you pay them. You might send them money and get an overpriced book that very few people will actually ever see, or you might send them money and end up with nothing at all.

One tip is to look for contests run by major magazines or companies, as they tend to offer good prizes. Dog and cat food companies, pet store chains and pet toy companies have pet photo contests. But busisesses you might not think about do as well, including wine and beverage companies. We even found a property maintenance and repair company holding a contest looking for cute pics of damage pets have done to homes or yards. 


And, if your pet is a little on the odd side, don’t despair. Just look through your photo collection and enter the next round of Ripley’s 99 Strange Days of Summer $5,000 Photo Contest!

cat on chair
Motor says, “Good luck with the contest hunting!”

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