Your dog can be a Bark Ranger

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LOS ANGELES (PRNewswire) — Americans are more likely to consider visiting a U.S. national park as a vacation option than a theme park, according to an April 2019 National Park Awareness Survey, conducted by L.A.-based special interest news network PASHpost.

While 78% of respondents put a higher premium on vacationing at a national park than a U.S. theme park, 97% of those surveyed believe America’s national parks hold an important place in the country’s cultural legacy, worthy of maintaining. The survey was conducted among Americans age 18+.

Thankfully, your pooch can get in on the national park enjoyment by becoming a BARK Ranger, which involves following these principles:

Bag your poop

Always use a leash (6-feet max)

Respect wildlife (give them their space)

Know where you can go (which trails/areas are pet-friendly)

Acadia National Park is one of the most dog-friendly parks and founded the BARK Ranger program in 2015, which has since spread to several other national parks. With over 120 miles of hiking trails open to leashed dogs, you can take your pet practically everywhere in this rugged coast and woodland national park—they’re even welcome on the free shuttles that circle Acadia.

For more on visiting Acadia National Park with your dog, click here.

National Park dog map

For a quick way to find out which National Parks dogs are allowed at, click here to find an easy-to-use map that lists all National Parks and shows where pets are and are not allowed.

For more about the BARK Ranger program, visit:

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