Cute Halloween toy for cats

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I haven’t done a “Seen around” post for awhile, but I had to snap a shot of this Temptations Snacky Witch, which caught my eye at Walmart recently.

“Seen around” posts feature fun and/or interesting products for pet lovers that I come across while out shopping.

Temptations Snacky Witch

As you can see from the above photo, the Snacky Witch is a small mouse in a witch costume. The plastic mouse holds Temptations snack treats for cats. It is really cute and my cats are crazy about Temptations, but I didn’t buy the mouse because my cats have a ton of toys already and they pretty much always end up in a small pile under the sofa.

Still, I wanted to post it because I know a lot of people love buying Halloween-themed items and might like to buy their cat a special Halloween treat.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Snacky Witch, you can click here to a link about it on the Walmart website. You can also look for it on the Temptations display at Walmart.

I recommend snapping it up pretty quickly because it’s a seasonal item and probably won’t be on the shelves long, but I did notice when doing a Google search that Temptations also has a Snacky Elf for the upcoming holiday season.


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