More stuff you can do with your pet photos

Previously we posted about uploading your pet photos to Flickr.

You can also try an online photo collage maker, such as Postermywall.

At Postermywall, you can select from tons of different templates (for ours shown below, we chose a “romantic” style template because it had the option put in a number of photos whereas some templates just had a photo or two in the design). Then you can upload a photo or photos your pet from your computer, or from Google Drive, Dropbox Photos or Facebook. Continue reading “More stuff you can do with your pet photos”

What can you do with your pet photos?

You have twenty or so recent pics of your kitty or pup on your cellphone and you whip it out to show them off to your friend. You may or may not notice your friend’s eyes’ glazing over after the third or fourth photo, but they likely are.

No matter how cute our pets are, their pics just aren’t that exciting for others to look at. Just think of all the photos you have clicked of your fluffy or scaly or feathery friend that you have stored away that you yourself aren’t even looking at, even though you really do plan to at some point and you know that number is growing exponentially by the day.

Like most pet owners with a growing pet photo collection, you probably have some photos on your cellphone, some have been shared on social media, others are on a computer, others are on storage cards from digital cameras, some may be backed up on Google Drive…

So, how can you bring them all together into a collection fairly easily and then what can you do with that collection? Continue reading “What can you do with your pet photos?”

Adopt a virtual pet and watch it grow for free

You can adopt a virtual pet at Chicken Smoothie!

The pets, include hamsters, cats, dogs and more, and they grow over the month or faster. You can also adopt a new pet each month, and trade them with others.

You can create a user account or sign in as a guest.
We created a user account, which involved creating a username, password, a few other steps and verifying an email.


We adopted this cute fox.

Pet's name: Foxy
Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!