A new dating app lets people connect over pets

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FetchaDate app promo picIn the U.S. pet-dating apps are forecast to surpass the billion-dollar mark this year, according to a press release.

That same press release, from FetchaDate, is announcing the launch of dating app on which singles meet over what they already love: their pets.

“You can tell a lot about a person through their pet, and that makes for better matches,” “says Sheryl Matthys, founder of the pet-dating app in the press release.

On FetchaDate, singles can choose from a variety of virtual pet images that best represent their lifestyles from a dog, cat, horse, bird, pig, snake, and more. They give their virtual pet a name and “Fetch 3” personality attributes from a predetermined list. Human user profiles feature names, ages, locations, mottos, professions, and more information about themselves.

While FetchaDate offers a free version, subscribers can unlock enhanced features like a weekly “Leader of the Pack” Profile Boost and add up to four pets.
FetchaDate can be downloaded in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Matthys is also the author of “Leashes and Lovers: What Your Dog Can Teach You About Love, Life, and Happiness.”


Wow, your dog might help you find romance! Study explores how pets help strengthen human relationships

Wow! Your pet can have its own social media site

Five FREE pet apps that you’ll want to try

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From decorative to lifesaving, here’s a list of five free pet apps that we have tried and recommend for other animal lovers:

1) If you’re looking for a screensaver that will make you smile, Neon Animals Wallpaper Moving Animals probably fits the bill. The app offers a cat, a lion, a hummingbird and more in glowing neon on a dark background.

Pros: Nice, neon graphics that light up your phone and are fun to look at.

Cons: Expect ads.

2) Probably one of the coolest ideas for an app ever! Dog Scanner lets you take a picture of any dog whose breed you don’t recognize and helps figure it out for you. It then gives you a pie chart showing how much of a certain breed a dog likely is.

This girl (below), who is one of our pets, was identified as having a 75 percent likelihood of being an American Pit Bull Terrier (we figured as much).dog with funny expression

The app also gives a description of the primary breed and a link to more info about that breed on Wikipedia.

The second dog we attempted to ID through the app was also one of our dogs, a beagle mix named Lilly.

our pet dog Lilly

For the first picture, the app identified her as 36.5 percent likely a Schweizerischer Niederlaufhund, a breed we had never even heard of but one which did have some striking similarities to her appearance. We then uploaded a pic of Lilly from a different angle, and she was identified as possibly being a Maltese, which we doubt we could pass her off as to any real-life Maltese experts, even from a good distance as she is short haired and dark in color.

Pros: Both practical and fun-to-experiment with applications.

Cons: More of a helpful suggestion-type app for getting clues as to type of dog than a definitive breed identifier.

3) APPC by ASPCA: My pet ate what? Yeah, we’ve all been there. And Google searches aren’t always that helpful when you are sifting through all kinds of results frantically trying to find out whether what Rover swallowed was toxic, slightly aggravating to his belly or not problematic whatsoever.

The app provides a database of plants, hazards, foods, medications, and other materials that are toxic to your dog along with a calculator to determine the severity of the poisoning based on the size of your dog. Or cat, horse, and bird.

Pros: Great idea and a good resource to keep pets safe.

Cons: User reviews site a somewhat limited list of things animals might ingest. (The app is described as “not meant to be all-inclusive, but rather a compilation of the most frequently encountered toxins.”)

dog rolling on back4) Rundogo: The app can be used in a variety of ways, one of which is to keep track of how much exercise your doggy is getting. The app can also be used to track human exercise. So, if you or Fido has been putting on some pounds lately, this might be a good way to get motivated to start going on regular walks, and then an overview of progress.

Starts out free; the paid upgrade is $9.99)

Pros: Well-rated as easy to navigate by users.

Cons: Expect ads with the free version.

5) Weather puppy: Forecast + Dogs: There are a lot of ways to get the weather online, but we recommend this app, which brings you the weather along with lovely photos of puppies, so that, even when the weather is gloomy, you still have to smile a little.

Starts out free; can purchase additional puppies and themes, which will remove the ads.

Pros: Users describe this app as having accurate, localized and easy-to-read weather information. Lets you easily share your local weather/dog pic on social media.

Cons: We’d love to see some animation with the dogs since there are only still images.

Wow! Your pet can have its own social media site

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A new, free app allows pet owners to give their beloved four-legged friends their very own social media photo and video sharing network, and be part of a happy and safe community where cats and dogs take center stage.

Created by serial entrepreneur Marc Pinter-Krainer, pawsr has been designed putting privacy first. Requiring no download or installation from any app store, the pawsr app is free from ads and does not contain any third-party components that could track user activity.

“Dedicated solely to pets, pawsr provides a safe and fun platform for sharing happiness,” says Marc Pinter-Krainer, creator of pawsr. “Loving pet owners can now share photos and videos documenting life from the perspective of their four-pawed family member.”

For more information, visit: https://www.pawsr.com using any smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pawsr-launches-social-network-just-for-pets-300936562.html




App update lets you hatch, raise and even dress a virtual pet

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SHANGHAI, CHINA (24-7PressRelease) — LeapFun Games is delighted to announce that My Doumi is now available to virtual pet lovers around the world on Google Play to all iOS and Android users worldwide.

Since its debut launch on the App Store in September 2018, My Doumi enjoyed solid demand from users around the world. LeapFun has since released a second update in December 2018 with enhanced, industry-leading AR capabilities.

Now, My Doumi taps into an entirely new set of users with its launch on Google Play. Both kids and grownups have access to more activities than ever—including harvesting in their own garden, fishing, growing more than 40 exotic plants and flowers, all in the company of their pet Doumi.

The update also features a new currency, and items to play with, such as potions and customizable outfits to personalize their fun-loving pet.

“Today there are so many virtual pet games for people to play, but My Doumi is set apart by the unique and magical connection that can be made with Doumi,” said Jeffrey Uppelschoten, Lead Game Designer. “Just like the connection established with a real pet you have a home, players meet Doumi from the moment it hatches and help raise it to a fully-grown pet.”

The free app can be downloaded at the following links.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leapfun.doumi&referrer=utm_source%3DPR%26utm_medium%3Dmaypr

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1251781928?pt=657178&ct=maypr&mt=8

By the way, if you like virtual pet games and can’t get enough of them, or are looking for a specific type of pet, this link is a good place to go: http://www.virtualpet.com/vp/links/links.htm

At the above link, you’ll find links to virtual horses, dogs, cats, cows, bulls, fish and even therapeutic virtual pets, as well as other types of pets.

A great way to save money on pet supplies

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We stumbled across Wikibuy when we were surfing the Internet and read that it can be a great way to save money on pet products.

Wikibuy is a Chrome extension that finds coupon codes and discounts while you shop online.

It can be downloaded by going to this address: https://wikibuy.com/

You can then add it to your browser. We added it to our Firefox browser. After that, you fill in some basic information.

After that, whenever you shop through Amazon, BarkBox, PetSmart, Chewy and Petco, as well as a number of other websites, Wikibuy automatically applies  coupon codes or discounts at checkout.

Wikibuy also helps out on Amazon by searching for the best price on an item you’re looking for. We spend a lot of money on pet supplies, but we just today installed Wikibuy. So, we thought we would give it a try.

We did a search for Frontline for dogs, which we have been kind of putting off buying because it’s expensive.

When we clicked on the product, we saw the little Wikibuy search notice come up and then we got this message:

Wikibuy example

As you can see, Wikibuy found a less expensive seller that was offering the same product for $13.04 less.

We couldn’t pass that deal up, and we think the dogs will be happy about that!

Wikibuy isn’t just for pet supplies, by the way. It seems like you can use it to shop for just about any kind of product, including health, automotive and clothes.

Happy shopping! And happy saving! And if you get a great deal on a pet product that you want to share information about, please let us know.




Wow, this alarm wakes you up with cat fights or dogs vomiting

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That might be the weirdest headline we have written for a post, but this is also one of the most unusual posts we have included on our site to date — and we have written about quail poop!

Anyway, according to a press release on PRNewswire, a new app, called Odd Alarm, will wake you up to the sounds of a pet vomiting, pet licking, cats fighting, breaking glass and more.

The app is created by Clinton and Daley Lightfoot, who, like most of us, know all about the morning routine of hitting the snooze button as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning. They also understand jolting out of bed in the morning because your dog is vomiting. As a result, they came up with the Odd Alarm app, a creative alarm app that uses sounds designed to create a sense of urgency to get up and get moving.

“Using Odd Alarm allows me to choose fun alarm sounds,” said Tina J, a friend of the app creator. “My favorite is cat fight. Every morning when I hear my alarm, I immediately jump up! And, one of my dogs hates the cat fight, it is so funny!” ­ ­

Odd Alarm is developed by The Appineers, a leading mobile app design and development agency established in 2017, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit http://oddalarmapp.com/ for further information or to download the app: iOS and Google Play Store.




Pet owners can turn smartphones into dog training tool with TrainAway App for fearful and anxious dogs

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TrainAway app allows dog owners to desensitize their pets from loud and scary noises with over 100 professionally or self-recorded sounds.

Colorado Springs, Colorado (PetPR.com) — Pet owners with dogs that experience fear and anxiety triggered by various sounds and loud noises can now turn their smart device into a fully automated dog training tool with the launch of the TrainAway mobile application in the Google Play and Apple App store.

TrainAway is designed to prevent, reduce or eliminate negative animal behaviors that are triggered by sound.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Users choose one of nearly 100 professionally recorded sounds, such as doorbells, fireworks, thunder, footsteps, and more.
  2. The app will play the sounds in a semi-random pattern, dictated by the user’s settings and the apps built in safeguards, at low volumes so the dog does not experience stress.
  3. Over time, the fearful dog will become desensitized to the sounds that previously triggered a negative reaction.

“Kevin Henry, the co-founder of TrainAway, came up with the idea for TrainAway when he was expecting the arrival of his first child,” said Kris Lawson, CEO and Certified Dog Trainer. “He wanted to do everything he could to make sure that his two large dogs were prepared for the new addition to his family.”

Henry and Lawson have been friends since childhood.

“When we started working together professionally,” said Lawson, “we knew the app we developed could potentially help thousands of dogs who suffer from noise anxiety.”

TrainAway works with the speakers built into a phone or tablet, but it performs best when paired with an external speaker that can reach a higher volume. It’s recommended that users combine multiple sounds to more accurately replicate an event.

For example, a doorbell is generally the last in a sequence of events, so it’s paired with other noises that often accompany that sound, such as a car approaching and footsteps.

“My dog Bane is a very anxious dog,” said Adam Faulkner, TrainAway customer and the person behind his dog’s Instagram page, @zaneybaneyadventures. “Within the first week of using TrainAway, I started seeing results. I am extremely impressed with the level of desensitization my dog has accomplished in only the first week, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone with an anxious or excitable dog.”

In addition to the sound desensitizing, Kris and Kevin are currently working on adding a function that would allow the app to connect to a treat dispenser triggered in a progressively increasing pattern as the sounds are played.

“When it comes to pets, training or shaping their behavior is only half the battle,” Lawson said. “Reinforcing these behaviors is where the majority of time is spent. Our goal with TrainAway is to create better-trained dogs and happier owners by automating the reinforcement phase. Imagine if the sound of your doorbell cued your dog to run to their bed to await a treat, leaving you to sign for your pizza or collect a package with ease.”

The TrainAway app is currently available for purchase for $1.99 on the Google Play & Apple App Store. To learn more about Train Away and to see what others are saying about the app, please visit www.TrainAway.Biz.

If interested in the treat dispenser, sign up here to be the first to know when it goes on sale and get introductory pricing.

For more information about TrainAway, visit www.TrainAway.Biz or connect with us on Twitter or Instagram.