Introducing the kitten with the batman signal

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I recently adopted a kitten and then noticed that it has a very unusual marking on which closely resembles a furry version of the Batman bat Signal.

kitten sleeping next to big cat
Kitten sleeping next to Motor. You can see the Bat Signal on the top of the kitten’s left side.

For copyright reasons, I’m not going to post the Bat Signal here, but if you want to compare, you can check out various versions of the iconic symbol at this link:

Here’s another view of the pattern:

"bat signal" in cat's fur pattern

So far, kitten hasn’t exhibited any bat-like behavior, but I’m keeping an eye on him. Kitten has been here for about a month so far, but I still haven’t named him, although I am leaning toward Batcat.

I’m also wondering if he’s got a distant relative in another country because here’s a short video showing a cat in Indonesia with a Batman-like mask pattern:

If you put my kitten and that one together, I wonder if they’d make a tiny yet mighty crime-fighting duo?

Superhero or otherwise, do you have any pets with unusual patterns or markings? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.


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