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It’s time for another episode of “Meadow Chews Stuff Up”!

As you may know, from time to time, we feature my sister’s dog, Meadow, and put a new toy to the the Meadow chew test to see how long a toy usually described as durable or indestructible, or something along those lines, can survive Meadow’s strong teeth and enthusiastic playing.

This time, we’re looking at: Tough Bone Durable Chew Toy.

As can be seen in the image of the product and packaging, the toy is pretty simple. Just sort of a large cigar shape. But the package boasts a textured surface that helps “entice” chewing, a durable nylon frame and a “tempting bacon scent.”

So, how did this toy stack up to Meadow, who has been known to chew up other “durable” chew toys in less than a half hour?

According to my sister, “she hasn’t wrecked it; even after weeks!”

So, we’re going to give Tuff Bone the win for this one.

But Meadow isn’t going down without a fight. She totally plans to keep trying until she finds her opponent’s weak spot.

Just as soon as she takes a nap, that is.

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