Restaurant employs cat for sushi delivery—a robot cat, that is

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Sushi Island, a restaurant in Canada, recently introduced Pudu Robotics’ BellaBot, a moving robot with a head shaped like a cat, as an addition to the restaurant’s staff.

BellaBot can easily move, orient and navigate all by herself in highly dynamic and crowded environments. Equipped with intelligent induction trays, the robot can deliver food to three to four tables at a time. When she arrives at a table, the light strip beside the tray starts to flash, reminding the customers to pick up the food. After the food is taken off the tray, the light strip goes out, at which point the robot will move on to the next table.

The robot server can be seen in action in the video below.

According to a press release from Pudu, a worker at Sushi Island, the restaurant has experienced a sharp increase in its number of visits since BellaBot was adopted on Jan. 17, and no, wonder. You had us at “cat,” and you had us at “sushi.”


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